Spring 2014

It’s Spring and the sun is shining. I should be working in the yard, but I’m sitting at my temporary living room workstation while my office is being remodeled.


My new office computer, a CompuLab MintBox running Linux Mint 16, is a quiet mini-PC that perches on the side of my desk alongside a 2TB Western Digital external drive. I am very pleased to be using an open source desktop. Our servers have always run Linux, but Mint has provided a beautiful desktop interface that a Windows user can love.

The old Samsung 7″ tablet and DroidX2 are still chugging along. My new laptop is a Hewlett Packard 10″ Android combo with removable screen that doubles as a tablet. It’s great for browsing and email, but not a great computer for getting work done.


WordPress is a great CMS, but it also has some other capabilities. The use of plugins means that the WordPress dashboard can be customized with additional tools including email reminders, CRM, and invoicing. We’re always interested in finding new ways to make WordPress do more.